Nurse Led Bespoke Mental Health Training & Services

Mental health training and services delivered by nurses, designed specifically for your needs.

Established 2019

Nurse Led Bespoke Mental Health Training & Services

Mental health training and services delivered by nurses, designed specifically for your needs.

Established 2019




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Why Headucate?

Our clinical lecturers, actively engaged as front-line clinicians, are eager to share their expertise. This enables them to teach effectively, addressing the intricacies of applying knowledge within real-world settings. This guarantees their capacity to convey knowledge and skills while supporting learners in applying them to challenging environments.

Supporting employees leads to reduced absenteeism. At our resilience workshop, teams not only decrease stress and build self-awareness but also create a culture where discussing mental health is the new norm!

Boost trust, teamwork, and tackle stress head-on. Our approach not only enhances collaboration but also nips potential issues in the bud before they become roadblocks.

We love working with clients to understand their organisation, their values, how they support the people they work with and what challenges they are facing. We subsequently craft customised training to address those specific requirements.

  • Psychological safety in our sessions is of paramount importance.
  • Space and support are offered as part of our introduction. Anyone leaving the room or looking uncomfortable will be offered support.
  • Confidentiality is expected from all attendees and will be upheld.
  • Empathy and respect are the cornerstones of making us approachable to allow attendees to talk about difficult topics.
  • Promoting compassion for ourselves and each other is a golden thread which runs throughout.

We love a challenge and have a wide range of experience to draw from. Feel free to enquire if there is something in particular you need.

The impact of compromised wellbeing

Businesses and Employers

Mental illness is of increasing prevalence, and does not discriminate. The impact of this on business is amplified by the fact that clients who have accrued debt, as well as employees needing sick days. Headucate exists to change this and make a difference to individuals and organisations alike.


Working days lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety, 2022/231


of all working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety2

Health Professionals

At this time, during this unprecedented crisis we're finding through our clinical work that staff are working increased hours while often experiencing less support than usual. Who is looking after the nurses, the health care assistants, the therapists? Headucate can offer support in the form of mental resilience training and or clinical supervision for any of your staff.


is the prevalence rate of work-related stress within the Health & Social Care industry3


of NHS registered nurses & midwives feel unwell due to work-related stress4

Professional Registrations & Awards

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