Nurse Led Bespoke Mental Health Workshops

Changing the way those with mental illness are percieved and treated in their community through workshops, targeted learning and clinical supervision



We provide mental health workshops tailored to meet the needs of employers, employees, customers, carers, young people, teachers and health professionals. We carry out mental health audits to establish what is already being done within the organisation to promote mental wellbeing and what can be added in.

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision can be delivered 1:1 or in a group setting. It is an opportunity to discuss your personal and professional responses to situations encountered at work, especially during the current unprecedented crisis where we are finding staff are working increased hours while often experiencing less support than usual.

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Our clinical lecturers all have strong backgrounds in working in mental health hospitals as front line clinicians, complemented by teaching qualifications and experience. This allows them to teach in a way which addresses the complexities of applying their learning in their setting. They have been hand selected as people who sit strongly with our core values. They are the key to our proven success and their commitment to the development of others is second to none.




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New Partnership

November, 2020

We are lucky to have found a company run by people who share our values. We have found the perfect opportunity to work together on a project where they will match the right people with the right job role and we will support by ensuring they are in the best head space to embrace their new opportunity.