Headucate Services
Choose a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing with our tailored services
Headucate Services
Choose a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing with our tailored services

These services have been designed with specific objectives in mind:

To cultivate professional knowledge and skills through reflective practices, acknowledging both successes and areas for improvement.
To assist clinicians and employees in nurturing self-awareness and personal development, fostering a resilient mindset.
To identify avenues for growth and facilitate access to additional training opportunities.

Mental Health Audits

Embark on a comprehensive mental health evaluation tailored to your organisation's needs, aimed at minimising stress-related absences, scrutinising existing support mechanisms, and cultivating inventive approaches to foster mental well-being.

Collaboratively, we will delve into identifying psychological hazards within your organisation, assessing their impact on the health and safety of the workforce. Our approach involves working closely with the senior management team to gain a profound understanding of these challenges. Subsequently, we will study the existing support structure's effectiveness and strategize on transformative measures to enhance overall workplace well-being.

Mental Health Strategy Days

Collaborate with us on dedicated strategy days designed to establish protocols nurturing mental well-being throughout your organisation, effectively addressing challenges associated with mental health.

In an era where the prevalence of mental illness and chronic stress threatens workforce health, businesses are grappling with the negative impact of absenteeism and attrition. At Headucate, we are committed to reshaping this narrative, fostering positive change for both individuals and organisations.

Recognising the substantial value individuals with mental illness bring to the workforce, we emphasise education and empathy as foundational elements in creating an environment where mental health takes centre stage. Our proactive philosophy centres on prevention rather than cure.

While we offer support for staff to identify and guide individuals facing challenges, our ultimate goal is to instil a culture that prevents such challenges from escalating. Leveraging our expertise, we specialise in crafting comprehensive mental health strategies, empowering businesses to prioritise the proactive well-being of their workforce.

Employee Support Services

We provide customised group or 1:1 support services to help employees navigate difficulties they may encounter in the workplace. Headucate, offer vital support through a blend of resilience advice and targeted wellbeing support tailored for your dedicated staff.

Our sessions extend a confidential haven for open discussions on both personal and professional responses to the challenges inherent in work- related situations. This service is designed with specific objectives in mind:

Wellbeing Policy

Empower your organisation with a meticulously crafted or refined Wellbeing Policy that clearly articulates the organisational stance on overall employee well-being.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses key elements such as roles and responsibilities, terminology, structured catch-ups, confidentiality protocols, provisions for reasonable adjustments, robust support for return-to-work processes, and the establishment of clear professional boundaries.

Let us guide you in creating a policy that not only meets compliance standards but also fosters a supportive and thriving workplace culture centred around the well- being of your valuable team members.

Clinical supervision

Within the demanding landscape of clinical work, we've recognised an upsurge in staff working extended hours without commensurate levels of support. In the realm of nursing, healthcare assistants, and therapists, who is tending to the well-being of these essential caregivers?

Our clinical supervision sessions extend a confidential haven for open discussions on both personal and professional responses to the challenges inherent in work-related situations.

Feedback from participants who have engaged in our clinical supervision underscores its value, offering invaluable support and providing a deeper understanding of responses to challenges in clinical areas. Individuals return to their roles feeling invigorated, armed with newfound insights, and secure in the knowledge that ongoing support from Headucate is readily available.

Group Clinical Supervision

In the dynamic field of clinical work, where we've observed an increased commitment from staff working extended hours without proportional support, who is championing the well-being of our essential caregivers in nursing, healthcare assistants, and therapists?

Our group clinical supervision sessions provide a confidential space for candid discussions, fostering an environment where personal and professional responses to the inherent challenges of work-related situations are openly explored.

Feedback from participants engaging in our group clinical supervision highlights the benefits not only of Jenny's expertise but also the collaborative learning environment where participants draw from each other's experiences. This shared journey creates a sense of comfort and relatability, enriching the overall experience.