Headucate Services
We provide mental health awareness and resilience training for staff and workers in all industies and sectors.

We also cover many specialties for health and social care professionals.

Workshops for Employers

Mental illness is of increasing prevalence, and does not discriminate. The impact of this on business is amplified by the fact that clients who have accrued debt, as well as employees needing sick days. Headucate exists to change this and make a difference to individuals and organisations alike.


Working days lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety, 2019/201


of all working days lost due to work-related ill health2

People with mental illness are and can be valuable employees. Debt can be recovered successfully, with the right approach. Education, empathy, protocols and consistency are the cornerstones to creating an environment where mental health is at the heart of the employee. We believe prevention is better than cure. We can of course support staff to identify and signpost people who are struggling, but wouldn’t it be great to create a culture where we prevent it from reaching that stage?

Headucate specialise in developing comprehensive mental health strategies and training and providing valuable feedback on learner engagement and understanding.

We can help with ...

Mental Health Audits

Conducted with the aim of reducing stress related absence from work, analysing how employees are currently supported and finding new ways to promote mental wellbeing.

Mental Health Stratagy Days

Create protocols to promote mental wellbeing across the organisation and address the complications surrounding it.

Social Media Platform Advice

To reduce stigma and create a culture where it is safe for people to be vocal about their difficulties in order for them to receive support to overcome them.

Stress management Training

We can provide a service to employees on a group or 1:1 level to tackle any difficulties they encounter in the workplace.

Code of Conduct Creation

We can create and provide training on a code of conduct for how to work within the protocols created and how to look after each other.

Customer Wellbeing Training

Including case studies where appropriate, to apply learning to events which have occurred or are likely to.

Workshops for Children & Young People

As we all know, within the mental health field there is a massive gap for care, especially young people in the community. We recognise that many parents do not receive support for their children until they are acutely unwell leaving them feeling abandoned, frustrated and at times helpless.


of 5-16 year olds have a clinically diagnosable mental problem3


of mental health problems are established by the age of just 144

We are committed to delivering education around mental health and wellbeing to young people, parents and anyone involved in the young person’s recovery.

Mental illness in children and young people is amplified by the fact that stress occurs prior to the development of coping strategies to manage it. Headucate seek to change this by engaging with young people to give them insight into emotions and what can be done to cope with them in a safe and friendly environment.

Adolescence is a particularly challenging time in terms of perceived expectations from peers, teachers, and family. The change in attachment from family to peers and the development of their identity leave them with a lot to cope with alone, prior to additional stress and symptomology. Dopamine plays another important role of their development in terms of the facilitation of risk taking. Nature’s way of helping us to learn from our mistakes, however, when combined with mental ill health, this can be frightening for the person and those around them.

We can help with ...

Carer’s resilience workshop

Some time just for you. Meet people in the same boat and explore different ways of coping with the pressures of life.

Workshops for young people

It’s never too soon to start looking after yourself. We are here for you

Workshops for teachers

How to spot the signs of deterioration in mental health, and what to do about it.

Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

At this time, during this unprecedented crisis we’re finding through our clinical work that staff are working increased hours while often experiencing less support than usual. Who is looking after the nurses, the health care assistants, the therapists? Headucate can offer support in the form of mental resilience training and or clinical supervision for any of your staff.


is the prevalence rate of work-related stress within the Health & Social Care industry5


of NHS registered nurses & midwives feel unwell due to work-related stress6

We will meet with you to review and develop standards of care in relation to safety, ethics and quality practice. We offer workshops on a range of mental disorders and specialties tailored to meet the need of your organisation.

We can provide the following workshops ...

Professional boundaries

Let’s learn these the easy way. How to keep yourself safe and optimise your patient’s recovery.

Proactive approaches to caring

Looking at how we can achieve “patient centred care” and take a “strengths based approach” with the pressures we are facing.

Mental health act

Take a deep dive into this unique legislation to ensure the system supports the patient to get the service they deserve.

Mental capacity act

Understand the guiding principles and how to apply them in your practice area.

Medication management

A reminder for nurses, great for building or rebuilding confidence in this complex area.

Resilience & Coping strategies

Looking at how we bounce back from setbacks, building on those skills and ensuring we are taking the time to look after ourselves.

Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision can be delivered 1:1 or in a group setting, in a safe and confidential environment. It is an opportunity to discuss your personal and professional responses to situations encountered at work.

Those who have received clinical supervision have fed back that their 1:1’s have helped them to feel supported and given them a better understanding of their responses to extreme challenges in their clinical areas. They have returned to work feeling refreshed and ready to embrace future challenges, knowing that we are here to support them at any time.

Conducted with the following objectives ...


Developing professional knowledge and skills by reflecting on what has gone well and what can be done differently in the future.


Supporting clinicians to focus on self-awareness and self-development.


Identifing development opportunities and accessing extra training

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