About Headucate
With compassion, integrity and open-mindedness as our core values we provie bespoke mental health training for all

Who we are.

Jenny Williams

BSc(Hons), PGCE
Director, Clinical Lecturer

I am a registered mental health nurse. I have worked in healthcare for over 15 years and also have a Masters level teaching qualification (PGCE). My journey began with teaching judo to young people, I later specialised in teaching judo to children and adults with a range of mental and physical disabilities. This sparked an interest in caring for people as well as teaching them.

During my career as a nurse, I was recognised and inspired by an organisation who nurtured me and gave me confidence to succeed both as an individual and as part of their organisation. In return, I spoke positively about them, I was loyal to them and I was committed to making their company a success. I will now take the opportunity to replicate this by supporting organisations to achieve a positive and truly inclusive culture.

From a young age I have known that I needed to do something with my life where I am helping people – a trait gifted from the genes of my grandmother, no doubt. I am a mental health nurse. Part of my profession is a responsibility to share knowledge. Not only with my patients, but with carers and colleagues. I wanted to push this aspect of my career further and returned to university to gain a teaching qualification where I refined my skillset. I now have a great balance between my clinical work and teaching people in wider society about stress management and mental well-being.

What we do.

Our mission is to provide bespoke workshops to change the way that those with mental illness are perceived and treated in their community. We provide mental health workshops tailored to meet the needs of employers, employees, customers, carers, young people, teachers and health professionals.

We carry out mental health audits to establish what is already being done within the organisation to promote mental wellbeing and what can be added in. We then support with writing protocols for managing employee’s mental health and provide training on how to implement it. We can also provide feedback on learner’s engagement.

We aim to build a relationship, understand your service, it’s values, your team and the challenges you are facing. This enables us to provide bespoke mental health training which simultaneously addresses any challenges to the application of your team’s new-found skills.

Headucate Services

Our core values.


"Love & compassion are necessities, not luxuries, without them, humanity cannot survive" - Dali Lama

We enjoy teaching with a focus on attitudes. Knowledge and skills are easy to pass on, but attitudes can be more of a challenge. A compassionate approach is integral to nurturing people to become better versions of themselves. When we understand people’s existing perspectives on mental health, the work can truly begin on reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.


"Integrity, the choice between what is convenient and what is right" - Tony Dungy

Our culture of transparency, trust and integrity makes it possible to develop and thrive as individuals and make a massive impact as an organisation. We value everyone involved in our organisation and show respect at all times. We are good people who have fun doing what we love. This motivates us to pay attention to the subtleties which we know bring the best outcomes.

Open Mindedness

"Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." - Malcolm Forbes

To have an open mind is to admit that you do not know everything and are therefore vulnerable. This can be frightening, but also exhilarating. When we are able to see the world from a different angle, it enables us to not only pick up on our mistakes but it gives us the courage to make them, knowing that this will be part of the learning process. This process of falling; getting back up and adapting, strengthens us and in turn is great for building confidence and developing as individuals, a team and an organisation.