About Headucate
With compassion, integrity and open-mindedness as our core values we provide bespoke mental health training for all
About Headucate
With compassion, integrity and open-mindedness as our core values we provide bespoke mental health training for all

What we do.

Our mission is to provide bespoke mental health training for all. We cater to everyone, at every level - from beginners to seasoned professionals. We will collaborate with you to broaden your knowledge and enhance your wellbeing.

We provide mental health workshops tailored to meet the needs of employers, employees, customers, carers, young people, teachers and health & social care professionals.

We aim to build a relationship, understand your service, it's values, your team and the challenges you are facing. This enables us to provide bespoke mental health training which simultaneously addresses any challenges to the application of your team's new-found skills.

At Headucate, we embrace our profound social responsibility, driven by a commitment to enriching the community. With a minimal carbon footprint, we are dedicated to achieving B Corp certification, aligning our values with sustainability to contribute positively to our planet.

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Our core values.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling becomes your trademark” - Jay Danzie


"Love & compassion are necessities, not luxuries, without them, humanity cannot survive" - Dali Lama

We find fulfilment in teaching, placing a strong emphasis on attitudes. While it's relatively straightforward to convey knowledge and skills, shaping attitudes can be a more delicate and intricate process. Compassion is crucial for fostering personal growth and empowering individuals. When we understand people's existing perspectives on mental health, the work can truly begin on reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.


"Integrity, the choice between what is convenient and what is right" - Tony Dungy

Our transparent, trusting, and integrity-driven culture fosters individual growth and impactful organisational contributions. We value everyone involved in our organisation and show respect at all times. We are good people who have fun doing what we love. This motivates us to pay attention to the subtleties which we know bring the best outcomes.

Open Mindedness

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." - Malcolm Forbes

To have an open mind is to admit that you do not know everything and are therefore vulnerable. This can be frightening, but also exhilarating. When we are able to see the world from a different angle, it enables us to not only pick up on our mistakes but it gives us the courage to make them, knowing that this will be part of the learning process. This process of falling; getting back up and adapting, strengthens us and in turn is great for building confidence, improving resilience and developing as individuals.

Meet the Team.

Jenny Williams

BSc(Hons), PGCE
Director, Clinical Lecturer

Jenny's journey began at the age of 16, teaching judo to children and adults with a range of mental and physical disabilities. This sparked an interest in caring for people as well as teaching them. Jenny has worked in healthcare since 2004 and is a Registered Mental Health Nurse.

From a young age, Jenny knew that she needed to do something with her life where she was helping people. As a mental health nurse, Jenny feels a responsibility as part of her profession to share knowledge. Not only with her patients, but with carers and colleagues alike.

Jenny is very passionate about this aspect of her career and returned to university to gain a Masters level teaching qualification (PGCE) to refine her skillset.

Jenny holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance, an enhanced DBS check, ICO and Nursing & Midwifery association registrations. She is also an accredited First Aid for Mental Health instructor. Her strong belief that we should all keep learning means she is dedicated to developing her own knowledge, keeping up to date with relevant changes, and maintaining clinical skills.

Katie Marlow

Personal Assistant

Katie was headhunted for her expertise in administration and social media. She has proven herself to be an excellent fit to the organisation. Her happy to help attitude means she's always on hand to answer any queries. Her personal connection to mental health and well-being means she is compassionate towards everyone and is driven to make a positive impact through her work and personal life.

Katie lives in Torbay with her husband and her "furbaby" a small lazy Chihuahua. She previously ran her own Ofsted Registered Childcare company, worked as a Health Care Assistant, and has done various administration roles. She has also undertaken many professional development courses including safeguarding, data protection, mental health, equality and business. Her experience means she fully appreciates the challenges and joys of working in the care sector, whilst also understanding the procedures and standards that are set by bodies such as OFSTED and CQC.

Katie passionately shares Headucate's values, strongly believing that we must all keep learning and growing as people, remaining open minded, breaking down stigmas, challenging prejudice and ensuring mental wellbeing is taken seriously.

Dutchess Peanut

Official Mascot

Last but not least, paying homage to our Headucate mascot, Duchess Peanut, spreading love, joy and chaos everywhere she goes! Duchess just loves going to work with Jenny when allowed.

She is a Labradoodle - her breed was designed for making a hypoallergenic guide dog for people with allergies. She is currently working her way towards a qualification as a therapy dog.

She is the very best of the bestest girls, and employee of every single month